Wednesday, July 21, 2010

outdoor movies, neighborhood parties, and swimming in the rain!

Saturday night our little town played a movie at sunset on a big inflatable screen on our old soccer field. Such a great idea and so much fun! Kinda like the drive in, but it was free and there was no driving in :) AP's favorite part....holding Erin Elizabeth, of course! The movie was Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.

All this past week our church participated in our summer mission trip, but this year the mission was our hometown. There were all kinds of service projects and mission opportunities to get involved in. Hubs and I visited a sweet elderly lady one night who is no longer able to get out and about. We were warned that she was a "talker" and we believed that when we left her house 2 hours later! Sunday morning we went as a family to visit a nearby nursing home, or "nursery home" as AP called it. It was a very different experience for the kiddos, but one I'm glad they had. The residents really loved talking to the kids. As we were leaving, the kiddos and I were talking about how some people there might be lonely and how happy they would be when someone visited them and showed them that they cared. C then said "I feel proud of myself for showing them love!" It was really cute. The mission trip "finale" was the neighborhood party at church Sunday night. Everyone that we had come in contact with that week was invited. My kiddos got to experience their first cake walk, but unfortunately neither of them won.

AP was showing me that she got her hand painted. As she started sweating and kept wiping her face with that painted hand, she started to look like Lady Gaga with pink streaks all over her face :)
This week has been all about playing with friends. Monday we met friends at the park to play. Tuesday we met friends for the free movie, then had a lunch date.
Of course, we had to cool off in our fountains after that. We met up with more friends there.

This is C and his little girlfriend. Who knows why they were both on their heads?
Today we started out at the dentist. Last month at AP's cleaning she had 3 cavities :( She had one filled last week. The second one was supposed to be today, but she was not having it! We now have to reschedule. But after all the dentist drama we cheered up when we met up with friends again to play at a local church's indoor playground.
The next 2 pictures were taken by AP and she wanted to me include them. This is her baby.
and me with her baby. This baby (Erin Elizabeth, of course) has gone everywhere with us lately.
After playing for a while, we left and met up with even more friends to go for a swim. It rained off and on while we were there, but we never got out of the pool. The pool water was so much warmer than the rain water and the kiddos thought it was cool to swim in the rain! There was no lightening, so no worries.
We left our swim date and headed straight to Chili's to meet up with family for my uncle's birthday! A busy few days for sure, but we have enjoyed every bit!

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