Thursday, November 1, 2012

Backing Up ~ Yankees Visit

A few weeks ago our friends who were originally from the north, but then moved South for a while, but are now back up North, came for a super quick visit on the way to their grown up anniversary getaway.

They are Steelers fans so when we saw the Steelers were scheduled to play the Titans, the boys put a plan in place and then there we were tailgating with Frank Wycheck.

Oh,  and on the way to the game I had Jack's BBQ for the very first time.  
And guess who was there??

(although, I didn't really eat BBQ, I had turkey, and it was really good, despite the warning that it would be otherwise)

It was a great night- good weather, the Titans won, and our friends aren't even sore losers.


A good time was had by all, even in the hour that we spent in the parking lot after the game battling dolphins and grumpy granddads :)

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The Writer Chic said...

Dolphins? What dolphins? I don't even remember that, and I was the sober one.....!