Saturday, November 3, 2012

Monster Mash

This year the 3rd grade had a Monster Mash Party the Friday before Halloween as a reward for good behavior.  Each of the room moms was in charge of a station.  My station was the gross sensory station.  You know, reach in and feel gross Halloweeny stuff. 

So I got plastic shoeboxes, then painted them black.  My uncle cut 3rd grade hand-size holes at the end of each box and I added a little fabric curtain so they couldn't see in.  I added white vinyl circles decorated to look like eyeballs and then I had the perfect gross sensory boxes.

For the signs, I got Dollar Tree frames and just hot glued googly eyes to them.  The kiddos loved all the gross stuff!  I used peeled grapes for eyeballs, pasta for brains, carrots and almonds for witch fingers and nails, fake fur for werewolf fur, and water gems (vase filler) for cat eyes.  The cat eyes were the favorite.  And I must admit they felt pretty gross!

The pic above is C and one of his best friends that is in his class this year.  They have so much fun together!

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