Friday, November 2, 2012

Little Cupcake and Scary Scarecrow!

This year we had a little cupcake and a scary scarecrow at our house!

C has been asking since last year before Halloween if he could have a scary costume.
I think the scary scarecrow was a good compromise!  At least there are no blood and guts hanging out.

And although AP looks sweet and innocent as a little cupcake, she really wanted to be scary, too!  She asked if her cupcake could carry an axe after seeing one with the costumes when we were out shopping!!  Someone even asked her what she was when we were out trick-or-treating and she said a "bloody cupcake"!  

It's hard when Halloween falls mid-week.  Before we ever left our house, C had lots of homework to finish (poor planning on his part because he left everything he needed at school until the day before it was due!).  Then we met up with family for dinner, handed out candy to a few spooks, and had time for one quick lap of trick-or-treating, then it was bedtime!  The weirdest thing about this year is that neither of my kids cared one bit about going to get candy.  It wasn't that they are getting old because they still really like the dressing up. And at 6 and 9, they should be at the peak of their trick-or-treating-is-cool phase. They just neither one really wanted any candy!  We had to talk them into going on the one lap that we did, then after about three houses they asked to go back to my cousin's house.  
I think they would just rather hang out with family! 
We don't need any more candy anyway :)

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