Thursday, January 10, 2013

Santa was here!

So, we didn't leave ourselves enough time to make Santa homemade cookies on Christmas Eve, but he was just as pleased with Oreos :)  He even left one Oreo dunked in the milk!  I guess he read the kiddos' notes from Santa and felt like dunking them :)

You would think that the older the kids get that they would sleep longer, but this year was the earliest they have ever gotten up!  It was still dark outside!  I think it was around 5:30am. 

After the kiddos opened all their gifts, we decided we were all still tired and we all went back to bed!  We slept until almost noon, then got up and had a really late breakfast of Christmas sprinkle chocolate chip pancakes :)

That night we headed to Boompa and Baba's for a Thanksmas Belated Birthday celebration.  We like to combine events!  And, for some reason, I took zero pictures.

Later that night we stopped back by to visit more family.  
It was a wonderful, relaxing, family-filled Christmas Day!

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