Thursday, January 24, 2013

Talent Show~Breaking Boards and Taking Names

So, this year when the notes came home from school about the talent show, imagine my surprise when it was my doesn't-answer-when-spoken-to, crowd-shy, never-wants-to-be-the-center-of-attention child that said he wanted to do it!  And you better believe this momma did everything she could to ensure that he could :)

He came up with the idea of breaking a board as he had done that once in karate class and thought that it would be fun.  I got a few of the other karate moms and kids on board (no pun intended!) and sweet-talked one of the teen instructors to be in it to hold their boards.

They came over to practice at our house one night.

Here they are backstage on the big night.  And, yes, I made them all matching karate shirts.  In my defense, they aren't allowed to wear their gis outside of the dojo, so they needed something karate-ish :)

I can't believe I forgot my real camera!  I had gotten to school early to decorate and set up for the PTO chili supper and completely forgot to bring my camera along.  This is the only picture I got during the actual show.
They did an awesome job!  Proud mommy moment for sure :)

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