Friday, July 20, 2007

It's a girl...and a tooth!

So Wednesday morning was the big ultrasound appt and as the title of this post suggests, it's a girl! I am soooo excited, especially since she will be my namesake. I got to go into the ultrasound with my sister. It was really cool, and being that my children came to our family by adoption I had never seen an ultrasound before. They looked at every single organ, it was amazing. They measured all the chambers of her heart, and her kidneys, stomach, and bladder. Everything looks in good working order. Of course, they waited until the very end to check the sex. I think the father-to-be is in shock. Afterwards, we went shopping to celebrate. This pic is of AP getting tired of waiting at the doctor's office. (I don't know why this paragraph is underlined)

Here is the father-to-be trying out the Snugli. That night we headed to where my sis is getting married next year, Chateau Pomije. It is about an hour away and it was pouring down rain. When we got there, they said that they had decided to close early b/c it was a slow night. Needless to say, we were all upset. At least I got to see the winery. It will be a beautiful wedding setting. (I also may have gotten to sample their wine :) Here are a few pics from the winery.

The kiddos and I headed home yesterday afternoon. A torrential downpour followed us the entire way. It took us 7 hours to get home, when it had only taken 4 to get there. To make matters worse, my cell phone died about 2 hours from home, so I know we had a lot of people worried about us. We made it home at about 11pm. The kids were great car riders, especially under those conditions.

On to the tooth, she has one! I would never have known, except for that I felt it when she bit me yesterday. I fought with her until she let me see in that mouth and you can barely see the top of a pearly white. It is about time! We were beginning to wonder if there was anything under those gums. She will not let you look, though, so there is no way I can get a picture.

Tonight we decided to go play at the park after dinner. It is a beautiful cool night. C took his remote control Jeep and his bat and ball. Hubby and I took each other on in a game of HORSE (I won). We ended up meeting two other couples that we are friends with there. They both have kids that are C's friends, so we enjoyed the impromptu play date. Nobody checked their watches until I looked down and realized it was past 9 and well past bedtime for kiddos. It was a great summer night.

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imtina said...

How exciting!!! Congrats on the namesake too.

We have teeth coming up too!! Isabel makes a tiny 'clink' on her spoon. I will miss the gummy smile.