Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Old Stomping Ground

Thursday night was the UT Alumni All Sports Picnic at Lipscomb. This was our 4th year to attend, but the first with two kiddos in tow. Hubby really enjoys the event b/c the coaches for the UT Sports teams are there and they lay out their plans for the upcoming season. I like listening to Pat Summit. Hubby, of course, is in a trance when Phil Fulmer speaks. If you don't know him, his blood runs orange and in the fall, our household revolves around the UT football season. He had never missed a single game on TV until we travelled to Russia to pick up C. This year will be our first year to have our own season tickets and hubby is already walking on Cloud 9. The kiddos don't necessarily share the enthuiasm for UT and they only lasted about 45 minutes before I decided to take them outside and let them walk around the Lipscomb campus. It was kinda weird b/c I always feel like I'm back in school (I graduated from Lipscomb) when I walk around the campus, but then there are my little ones scampering around. I got several cute pics of them around the campus. (notice we are all decked out in orange :)

The Bison

My dorm

just a cute little bottom


Jackie said...

Love the orange!! They are just too cute :)

Tapsalteerie said...

Love the pics :) Are those orange clogs on C?? Too cute!!

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Yes, Shea, C got a pair of UT Crocs for Christmas and he loves them. Unfortunately, UT pulled out of the Croc deal shortly after that and hubby never got a pair, so he is jealous.