Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mini Kyrg Reunion

We have been looking forward to today for a few weeks now. We got to see this family again, finally meet this family, and meet 1 other family that has adopted from Kyrgyzstan. All of our Kyrg kiddos were in the same orphanage, too!
We met up this morning for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Somehow, we immediately separated into a boys table and a girls table:) I think the girls could have stayed there and talked for hours. This family has two boys that were adopted from Russia. One is just a little younger than C and the other is just a little older. He loved having friends there. He came running over to me when he figured out where they were from and said "Mom, these friends are from Russia like me!" It was very cute.

AP was the oldest little Kyrg kiddo in the group and has been home at least a year longer than the others. She looked so big compared to little J and little E, but she loved taking care of them. She was close in age to the only little Kyrg boy there. He was so sweet! They shared snacks for a little while :)
After Cracker Barrel, we went to Adventure Science Center. The kiddos, of course, had lots of fun and were successful in wearing themselves out. When we were leaving C asked if we could go back again tomorrow!
On to the pictures.... (one of the families doesn't blog, so the pics are a little selective, we did get a really cute pic of all the Kyrg kiddos in their matching shirts, but I'll leave that out since I didn't get permission)

Baby E in a basket :)

The handsome Russian boys

C had a reflective ninja star on his hoodie so it reflected every flash and looks like he is glowing!
Beauty sleep
Baby J (also lovingly referred to as hot dog)

C lifting a car with a lever

Hubs and I climbed with the kiddos to the very top of the observatory and then decided it probably wasn't meant for grown ups :) This was our view of Nashville.

Daddy playing doctor


Jackie said...

Such beautiful images of the kiddos. It sounds like such a fun day. The Kyrgyz Cuties shirts are wonderful...I will have to get one soon (maybe Noli's next b-day).

Oh, how I wish I could've met all of you. One day :)


Maria said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. I am just now looking at our pix and mine aren't nearly as cute as yours. I don't think K would mind you posting photos, but I'll email to ask first. THANK YOU so much for the shirt. They are adorable. A. and I spent time at dinner last night trying to think of a cool design for E and J's 1st birthday shirts!!

RoadDog said...

Might just be coming your way to see that old AP and Charlie next week.

The cold up here has gotten to us. Need some warmth and thinking about Panama City and panhandle before the college kids get there.

Just got back from a Mississippi River eagle watching drive where we saw 77 bald eagles between Dubuque and the Quad Cities, Iowa.

Thinking we might be in your area this Thursday or Friday. Will let you know.

Maria said...

I had to leave another comment. I LOVE the picture of AP and E. Can you email it to me? I'd like to print it out and put it in Ellie's photo album -- or better yet, on the fridge!!

Gen 's Family Story said...

Love to see reunions!!! Looked like a wonderful day for all!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! All of your kiddos are adorable, I'm sure they were turning heads that afternoon :) I love the time I have some extra $$$ I'll be placing an order.