Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day #2 !

Two in a row is unheard of! At least it hasn't happened in a long time. Yesterday we were out of school for ice, but it ended up only being icy in the trees. Then last night we got a dusting of snow. I think the roads are still driveable (I wouldn't know as I am still in my pj's) and there's not enough snow to even make a little snow baby. But, I'll take the day off any time. Yesterday we stayed busy all day. (A large part of our day was spent making 70 cookies and decorating them with royal icing to look like the earth for a business meeting for my future cousin-in-law...and the meeting was cancelled just a few minutes ago!! Looks like we'll be eating world cookies for the next few weeks) Today we plan to just veg out and I truly get to because our washing machine broke so I can't even catch up on laundry if I wanted to!

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The O'Neils said...

I, too, am still in my pjs!!! I wish I had some world cookies to eat though!! Have a great day.