Friday, June 12, 2009

The Concert That Wasn't

Last night Hubs and I snuck in a little mid-week date night!
We went to the CMA Fest downtown to hear what was supposed to be a great line up of artists.
However, after the first two artists (the ones I wasn't really excited to see), there was an evacuation of LP field due to lightening! We all crammed into the club level to wait for some instruction.
By the time we decided that it was too late for us to wait for the concert to resume we were in the midst of a major thunderstorm. We were stuck there for quite a while. We left the field around midnight and it was still raining and lightening. We heard from friends today that they ended up resuming the concert shortly after we left and it wasn't over until 2am!

Today was the last day of VBS. It was a looooong week, but it was fun. Today was a water/outside play day. Fun times!

I just love those smiling faces!

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