Thursday, June 18, 2009

Passing It Forward

One of my childhood memories is that of my mom making a great breakfast whenever I had someone sleepover at my house. She cooked every morning, but even more so when we had company. I can remember sleeping over at my friends' houses and their parents setting out the cereal boxes, or picking up a dozen doughnuts, but not at my house! I think our typical sleepover breakfast was cinnamon rolls and sausage and biscuits. Sometimes it was chocolate chip pancakes. I'll never forget the girl scout trips when my mom was the troop chef and made a smorgasbord of choc chip pancakes, peanut butter chip pancakes and some other kind of chip pancakes. I think our whole troop remembers how fun that was and getting to put it all together ourselves with powdered sugar on top.
Anyway, all that to say that here I am passing it forward. C had a friend spend the night last night and here they are with their plates full of chocolate chip pancakes!

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Deanna Williams said...

Rewards come when you least expect them and this is one of them for me.