Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Swim Lessons

Monday afternoon both the kiddos had their first official swim lesson. They will be taking once a week for the next six weeks at a local swim school. C went first. His little class had three learners in it. C said he had to keep telling the teacher that he already knew how to swim under water. He finally got to show the teacher towards the end of the session. (Mommy may have gotten scolded for staying in the pool area, but i wasn't about to not get pictures of their first lessons!)

AP was next up. I was so impressed with how she did during her first few laps with the instructor. She put her face under, and kicked kicked kicked. However, after the first few she had figured out that she didn't really like doing that and she cried and tried to run from the instructor! He caught her and she did end up complying and practicing her skills again. When her lesson was over and I went in to get her she was crying and saying "the water got in my eyes a little bit". She says she is not going back, but little does she know :)

After our lessons we road tripped it up to Ohio to see my mom, sis and family. We enjoyed nine long hot hours at Kings Island yesterday. I took lots of pics and will update later!


Monica @ Writer Chic said...

How cute is AP in those goggles. And holy cow, 9 hours at KI? You're a braver lady than I!

Lori said...

I think it's funny to imagine little AP running from the instructor!!! Once she realizes how much independence comes with swimming, she'll love it!!

smileysk8 said...

Love the goggles!