Sunday, November 8, 2009

School Pics and Projects

There have been lots of moments that I have meant to blog about over the last week, but I've been too busy enjoying the moments to even take pictures! We had C's last baseball game of the fall ball season, went on a great date night with 5 other couples to a piano bar that played my odd requests :), enjoyed the beautiful weather, spent more time with friends, successfully avoided the flu bug so far, and saved $154 dollars by tripling my coupons!

There are a few things that I managed to take pictures of. Like AP catching a ride with some friends in their Mustang.

Then C had his second "family" project for school. He had to cut out a turkey, then disguise it as another animal so that the turkey would not be eaten for Thanksgiving! C chose to dress his turkey up as tiger.
And last, but not least, AP's first school pictures came back. Couldn't you just eat her up???

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Shannon said...

so cute AP!!

A-what were your song request?