Sunday, November 29, 2009

Squirrel Park and Sad News

We made our FOURTEEN hour trip home yesterday from eastern North Carolina. We were there spending time with Hubs' family and celebrating Thanksgiving together. I have lots o pictures to share that will probably have to span several posts.

However, before sharing the pics, I must share that we are so saddened for our friend Lori. After trying to adopt for many years they got pregnant with their miracle baby, Matthew, early this year. He made his long awaited debut last night and then passed away early this morning. We are so sad for this sweet family.

This pic was in the first 30 seconds of getting to Daddy B's house in NC. AP ran to him as fast as she could then instructed me to get the camera and take a picture :)

Directly across the street from Daddy B and Grandma's house there is a large park. It is a perfect place to go in the afternoons while we are there and let the kiddos expend a little energy. I am going to call it Squirrel Park from now on. There were SO many squirrels there. They were all around us and they were brave. They would run right by our feet. To my fellow Bisons, it was worse than the squirrels in the square. Here are a few pics of the bravest ones. And, by the way, up close they look much more like rodents than they do cute furry nut gatherers.

The rest of the pics are of our playtime to work off our huge Thanksgiving dinner at Hubs' grandmother's house :) I love the sunset in the background.

More to come on Christmas coming early and movin' what your momma gave you!

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Shannon said...

you should frame that pic of Daddy Bob and the's cute!

I am sure those squirrels were throwing nuts at you and running over your feet...yuk:)

so sorry about that little baby. that is very sad and I will say a prayer for them.