Thursday, August 26, 2010

C Stew

C had a homework assignment tonight entitled "Me Stew". His task was to choose 5 items that described him. I offered no input and these are the things he chose.
First, he chose his little stuffed cougar that he sleeps with every night. Then he found a picture of our family. He said this was to show that "we love each other".

Next he found a baseball. Because he likes baseball.
Next he decided to include a mini skateboard. He has recently decided that he is a skateboarder.
And lastly, he chose to include some seashells from our trip to Orange Beach this summer. He says this is to show that he likes to collect shells.

He is very proud of his stew and excited to share it with his class mates tomorrow!

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Shannon said...

C did a great job on his project!! Very cute!!!