Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re-Eval and Referral

On Wednesday AP had her re-evaluation for speech therapy. She had met all of her goals last March, but when we had our last conference we decided to retest her when school started back to make sure that she met all the 4 year old goals as well. And she did!!! Her therapist said that there are a few sounds that she still doesn't pronounce correctly, but they are very common errors (like "L" and "R") and that she is "right on track". It's probably from all the practice she gets because she never stops talking!
Thursday at C's dentist appointment we were given a referral to an orthodontist. I was shocked that we would need to see an orthodontist at this age! His dentist explained that in some cases certain teeth can be pulled so that there is enough room for the adult teeth. The hope is that doing a little preventive work up front would keep us from needing more orthodontic work down the road. Has anyone else taken their first grader to an orthodontist?


Betsy said...

I have a friend whose child got BRACES as a first grader! He's starting second grade this year with the braces still on. Crazy! When I was little people didn't get braces until middle school at the earliest!

Sally said...

We went in 2nd Grade for an expander. In our case our youngest son didn't have enough room in his mouth for all the teeth coming. It seems like more and more kids are having this done. Good Luck.

Jackie said...

Awesome news about APs speech progress. Yayy!!

I have yet to take Noli to the dentist. (I am afraid ;)