Thursday, August 5, 2010

Museum Center at Union Terminal

Last Saturday morning before we went to the second baseball game we met our friends to explore the Cincinnati Museum at Union Terminal. It is in what used to be the huge train terminal for the city. The building itself is very cool.There are actually 3 museums there- the natural history museum, Cincinnati history museum, and the childrens museum. We went through the natural history museum first. Our favorite part was walking through an underground cave. If we had timed it right we could have seen the bats fly out, but we missed that part.

C was learning how to smooth the stone with another stone.
AP took a picture of our friends between museums.
In the childrens museum there were several things that were very similar to the museum that we visited in Dayton earlier in the week. There was another pint-sized grocery store. AP and her friend spent most of their time dressing up like mommies and playing with the babies.
Daddy and the kiddos found a yurt. If you don't know what that is, it's like a tent and used quite often in Kyrgyzstan as a dwelling.
There was a great water table.
There was a huge treehouse to play in. Unfortunately these little spiders got caught in a web!
I can't believe as often as we visit Ohio that we had never made it to Union Terminal. We can't wait to take our cousins back with us next time.

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RoadDog said...

That terminal is really an art co masterpiece.