Sunday, October 17, 2010

First First Grade Field Trip

Friday I went with C's class to a local pumpkin farm. We have been to this particular farm every year, sometimes twice a year, but C still loves it!
It's hard to pick out just the right pumpkin. We had a lesson on the proper way to carry a pumpkin and C is demonstrating that here.

C and his "girlfriend". Although he looks angry, he wasn't.My favorite part, the Hillbilly Pig Races :) Squealie Nelson took home the Oreo.

I thought it was funny that C and his friend were standing alike. The picture was right after they had both decided to go down the monster slide head first. They both slid past the end of the landing and went face first in the dirt. C got "slide burn" on his chest!

Can you tell he was ready to get on the bus? He thinks that is the coolest part of going on a field trip!

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