Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sweet Notes and Class Parties

AP recently learned how to write the word "Mom" so I now get sweet little notes several times a day with Mom written all over them. And I love it. She loves to see how excited I get about her notes and she gives me a big hug. It's good stuff. This particular "mom" below was written on my shower wall :)Wednesday night at church AP's class could wear an animal costume. This is not her real costume, but a cute one that I picked up at a consignment sale last year. Rainbow bear never looked so cute!

Tonight C and I hit the kitchen as soon as we got home from school. First C helped me make a dip for the fruit tray that we are taking to his class party tomorrow.
Then we made little ghost cookies for C to give to his friends.

AP's class has spread their Halloween celebration over a few days. She is very excited that Daddy is coming to spend the day with her at school tomorrow!! Her teacher has already told me that she is putting him to work :)

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Shannon said...

AP looks so cute!!