Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ghouls at Grassmere

Friday night after a day full of school Halloween parties, we picked Daddy up from work early and went to hang out with the Ghouls at Grassmere Zoo.
We met up with friends there. You can see AP's little friend was Batman and she was Batgirl. It was so cute!
The Merry Go Round became the Scary Go Round, although there was nothing new or scary about it :)

C's little girlfriend was a princess. They decided to have a princess vs ninja joust.
We went on a spooky hayride. There were some really cool animated things that would have been even spookier had we waited until it was dark to ride, but I'm glad we didn't because the line got super long!

The zoo has an old house from the Victorian time period that sits on the property. It's called the Croft House. I had never toured the house before. The tour that we took this time focused on death, dying, and superstitions during the Victorian era. It was pretty interesting. It is also neat that the last 2 ladies from the Croft family who lived in the house in the late 80's donated all the land that is the zoo to get themselves out of financial trouble. The deal was that the land had to be used to educate children about animals. The ladies continued to live there until they passed away.

The kiddos trick-or-treated through the zoo and we saw the Flamingo Lagoon for the first time. That is something that was recently added late this summer.

After the zoo, we were all starving so we went with our friends to dinner. These two ended up having a table to themselves.
They are so sweet together! I get sad every time I think about C's best friend moving to Texas. They are definitely leaving the 2nd week in December :( I am already planning in my head when we will be able to make our first trip to Texas!

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