Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Game and Good Times

After a short break from baseball, we are back at it again! Fall ball started last week. Saturday I got a few pics of my handsome player in action.

We ran into friends at the park. AP still tries to carry Pretzel, although she's getting a bit too heavy :)
Then Saturday night we actually had a grown up date night! You've gotta love date nights, especially when they involve men over 6ft tall riding in booster seats :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

C Stew

C had a homework assignment tonight entitled "Me Stew". His task was to choose 5 items that described him. I offered no input and these are the things he chose.
First, he chose his little stuffed cougar that he sleeps with every night. Then he found a picture of our family. He said this was to show that "we love each other".

Next he found a baseball. Because he likes baseball.
Next he decided to include a mini skateboard. He has recently decided that he is a skateboarder.
And lastly, he chose to include some seashells from our trip to Orange Beach this summer. He says this is to show that he likes to collect shells.

He is very proud of his stew and excited to share it with his class mates tomorrow!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mr T Turns One

This weekend we made another whirlwind trip to Ohio to celebrate my nephew's first birthday and to help my mom and sister move into their new house. I have no pictures of the moving part because I had a paintbrush in my hand most of the weekend. The painting was a lot more fun than it should have been because it invloved staying up past 3am every night laughing with family. I did manage to take pictures at little T's party in the park. T is adorable. We almost kidnapped him and brought him home with us :)

The men at the grill.

C came up and told me he was a "one eyed one horned flying purple people eater"

Cuteness. Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Happy First Birthday T!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re-Eval and Referral

On Wednesday AP had her re-evaluation for speech therapy. She had met all of her goals last March, but when we had our last conference we decided to retest her when school started back to make sure that she met all the 4 year old goals as well. And she did!!! Her therapist said that there are a few sounds that she still doesn't pronounce correctly, but they are very common errors (like "L" and "R") and that she is "right on track". It's probably from all the practice she gets because she never stops talking!
Thursday at C's dentist appointment we were given a referral to an orthodontist. I was shocked that we would need to see an orthodontist at this age! His dentist explained that in some cases certain teeth can be pulled so that there is enough room for the adult teeth. The hope is that doing a little preventive work up front would keep us from needing more orthodontic work down the road. Has anyone else taken their first grader to an orthodontist?

Monday, August 16, 2010


Yesterday AP and her baby, Erin, wore matching dresses to church. I couldn't pass up the picture!
Her baby became an issue during her SS class, so we took her baby to the nursery and left her in a crib :)

Today after school AP went to her first tumbling class. She has been asking to do "nastics" since the first time we went to a My Gym playdate. But, she also begged us to play soccer and we know how that turned out!

I am pleased to report that she LOVED it. She didn't resist going in, she didn't ask me to go in with her, and she smiled the whole time! I was able to spy on her through the window.

She came home and showed us some of her "juggling". She keeps getting juggling and tumbling confused :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Much needed girls night!

We all survived my first week of working at C's school, AP's first week of preschool, and C's first full week of school! It actually all went very well. So far I love my job. The hardest part is getting everybody up and running so early. C and I get to school at 6:45!
The highlight of the week was a much needed night out with the girls on Thursday. We went to "Sips and Strokes". It is a new place that allows you to bring in your own drinks to sip on while they guide you through painting a canvas. It was so much fun!

It's amazing that the end result would lead someone to believe that I actually knew what I was doing :)

Everybody did a great job.
My painting is now hanging in our breakfast nook and looking pretty good!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Fun, More Cousins, More First Days

Sunday morning we left the house bright and early to drive to Chattanooga to meet Hubs' sister and her family. They live over 10 hours away, so when we heard they were going to be in TN we jumped on the chance to get to spend a few hours with them.
We met them at the TN Aquarium. We got there a little early so we waded around a bit.

AP's favorite part of the Aquarium is the butterfly garden. She REALLY wants a butterfly to land on her. But, it didn't happen for her this time.
Here are the cousins about to take on the penguins :)
and about to be eaten by a shark!
We lucked up and walked right into a diver show that had just started. It was pretty cool. The sharks swam right by the diver's heads. The said that they don't bite them because they keep them overfed and these particular sharks are not an aggressive type.
C and Big B checking things out from underneath.
The early wake up call started to wear on AP.

We had lunch at Cheeburger Cheeburger, then it was time for the cousins to make their long drive back to NC. Hubs was holding little B and AP got a little jealous. Here he is trying to hang on to them both.
We had a great visit, even if it was super short. After the cousins left we went through another part of the aquarium. Hubs said that these two alligators were in love. It appears that way!
We made it home in time to go to bed a little early because Monday morning was AP's first day of preschool!!!
She got up way earlier than she needed to. She stumbled out of her room with her clothes in her hands ready to get going to school! She was very excited. C got in on the picture taking :)C and I were already at school when Hubs left to take her to school. I talked to her on the phone while she was on her way. She told me that as soon as she did this preschool thing she was going to kindergarten! I've never met a child who wants to be older as much as she does!!
I am happy to report that she has had a great first 3 days. She had a slight run in with another little boy who was "in my face and bothering me" on the first day. But since then it has been great! Her teacher says that she has followed all directions, been pleasant, and has even napped every day. I'm very proud of my big girl.