Sunday, April 3, 2011

Banquet, Fun Run, Parade, Opening Day. What a week!

Monday night was the Blue and Gold Banquet for C's pack. His Tiger troop presented the flags. That's C putting the flag into the flagstand. He took his job very seriously!

He received 3 belt loops and a pin that he had earned. They were bowling, roller skating, and baseball.

There was a meal for all the scouts and their families afterwards.

Thursday was the Boosterthon Fun Run at C's school. C called family and friends and asked them to sponsor him per lap.

He ran 38 laps without stopping!

While we were looking at these pictures tonight, C said "Man, I was hot and tired!"

Friday night was the Opening Night Ceremony for our local Dixie Youth League. Our park has new fields this year, so it was grand opening for the fields, too.

This was the first year that all the teams walked in a parade from a nearby school into the park. All the supporters lined the streets. Note these cute little supporters :)

Ozzie was there!

Who's that cute kid??

They introduced every player in the league. C is on the right, #18, about to run through and high five the other players.

Then Saturday morning I headed back to the park with these cuties to supervise the bounce houses for a few hours.

Then Saturday afternoon, it was times for the first official game of the season!! C was in a batting slump (can you have a slump before the season starts?), but our team won 14-7. Go Sounds!

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Shannon said...

Good luck C!!

The Wild Horse...that made me laugh!! You should find the pictures of your birthday party a few years back:)