Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meeting Sammi and Happy Birthday Nanna!

We had not planned on picking AP's puppy up until next Friday. However, it just worked out that the breeder's daughter was headed our way this past Sunday. Hubs picked the dog up and then met us at my aunt and uncle's house. The kiddos had no idea that this was happening and AP was sound asleep when we pulled in the driveway.
We put Sammi in her lap and watched as she woke up and figured out what was going on!

It looks like Sammi is thinking "what have i gotten myself into?!" :)

The two have really hit it off!

Puppy kisses!

After all the puppy excitement, it was time to celebrate Nanna's birthday! It's hard to see, but she was about to blow out her candles.

We are so glad Nanna was in town to share her birthday with us. Here's to many more!


Shannon said...

Omg, Sammie is so cute!! I have to come play!

Shannon said...

oops!! SAMMI

Jackie said...

What a cute puppy!! AP is clearly happy :)