Friday, April 22, 2011

We Celebrate Birthdays For Weeks!

With the kiddos birthdays being just over a week apart, it feels like we are celebrating around here for several weeks. I guess that's because we are!

Last weekend while my sister and fam were in town we celebrated C's birthday at his favorite Mexican restaurant. By the time we got there my nephew was sound asleep! And he stayed that way the entire time we were there.
Happy cousins :)

C loves that you get to wear the big hat on your birthday. And he actually loves the whipped cream on his face!

Then Wednesday we celebrated C's birthday in his classroom. He requested Oreos, milk, and ice cream for his birthday treats ;)

The class loved it. Here is C with his good friend.

We are glad that Nanna got to see his classroom and celebrate, too.

And then, finally, yesterday was C's actual birthday. We woke him up by singing. Then he had candles in an apple danish that he chose at the bakery. I took pictures with my other camera, so they may show up here later :)

Last night, he requested Log@ns for his birthday. I think he makes his birthday dinner choices based on what that restaurant does to celebrate birthdays! He loves that big "YeeHaw!" that the restaurant yells out for you at Log@ns.
He is wearing his orthodontist shirt because he actually had an appointment right after to school to get his braces tightened. Great birthday present, right?

A high five for the waiter before diving into the cake and presents.

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet natured, intelligent, inquisitive, friendly, caring, super reading, laid back, and loving little eight year old!

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