Friday, August 19, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now

I took these pictures on Wednesday afternoon. Really, it could have been any afternoon because this is what you'll find these two doing. But, Wednesday was a little different. Can you tell?

How about now?
Now that's better! C has glasses! These are his rec specs for sports, but he'll have regular everyday glasses, too, they just haven't come in yet.
We had no idea that he had problems seeing. He has never complained or squinted and his teachers never mentioned any problems at school. But, when we went for his annual well visit a few weeks ago, he failed the eye exam. As in the second line on the chart is where he stopped reading. That won us a referral to an opthamologist who we saw last week and who confirmed that he is near-sighted. He pretty much will need to wear his glasses all the time.
The good news is he is super cute in them!

And while those two were out playing in the yard, look who was longingly peeking out the window :)
while AP was trying to take a cat nap...or should I say dog nap :)

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RoadDog said...

If Charlie takes after me, he'll probably be losing those glasses quite often.

Better get yourself over to a Four Eyes (if you have them in Tennessee) where you can get two pairs for $99.