Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Summer Road Trip

Last week we made our last road trip of the summer. After going to Cincy the week before with friends for baseball, we came home for a few days then headed right back to Ohio to visit Nanna, Aunt Rach and family.

Nanna recently got a small pool for her backyard. That was the perfect entertainment for all the cousins as it was close to 100 degrees during our visit.

Friday night we went to their county fair and derby.
Both of my kiddos are apparently very good at throwing darts. C threw several times to win other people prizes and AP popped a balloon on her first toss. This was after my aunt and sister tried, but couldn't do it!Gotta love tacky fair prizes...

This is when I confess that when my sister mentioned going to the derby, I thought we were going to see horses race! I had never heard of a demolition derby :)

The kiddos were cooling off with a snow cone while waiting for the cars to begin their race to crush each other.

Then there was a junior demolition lawn mower derby! I kept thinking "Are their parents not worried about them getting hurt!?" I mean the goal is to crash into each other until you or your mower are rendered useless.
Then, imagine my surprise when grown men got on their lawn mowers! They were very serious about this.

The kiddos had time for a few rides after the derby. We were shocked to learn that C is officially too tall for the kiddie rides. There was even a fun house obstacle course type thing set up and he was too tall for that! He wasn't too upset, though, that just meant he could get on the big rides :)
The cousins enjoyed popsicles on Nanna's front porch swing on our last night there.

Little T dropped his on the sidewalk and the next thing we knew he was eating it off the ground face first!

Delirious girls up way past their bed time :)
We had a great visit and are looking forward to going back at the end of the month for T's 2nd birthday!

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