Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pumpkin goes to K!!!

Yesterday was C's 2nd day of 2nd grade and AP's first day of kindergarten!!!!!

Several people asked me if I was crying because my baby was starting school. There were no tears here. If you know AP well, then you know that she sooo wants to be a big kid. I am excited for her. I can tell she is proud of herself and feels grown up :)

Our commute to school lasts approximately one minute. Just enough time to make a few silly faces :)

First we dropped C off with the big kids...
then we walked AP in. We are allowed to walk the kindergartners in on their first 2 days.

She found her cubby and immediately began unloading her backpack. She had stamped a picture for the principal and painted a picture for her teacher. Girlfriend knows how to get on their good side :) And no, none of that was my idea!
Her teacher loved her painting.She had a great first day. Her teacher reported that she was a "little mama". Yes she is!


The Writer Chic said...

Love that second pic of C in the car -- not just him, though that is adorable, but the composition is great, with the bus headlights in the background. Good job!

And seriously, how cute did Shelley look? She and AP are gonna have the best year!

RoadDog said...

What, no tears?

Probably on Dad.