Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gingerbread Man Kindergarten Project

We were sent a paper cut out of a gingerbread man and were assigned to decorate him any way we wanted. C had the same project when he was in K and we decorated his as a Tennessee football player! AP then wanted to do the same, but I'm not about copying her brother's :) So we traced the gingerbread man onto cardboard and cut him out so he would be sturdier. Then we glued graham crackers and trimmed them until he was a graham cracker man! AP added candy and frosting until she couldn't fit anything else on it. My favorite part is the gummy teeth/lips that we had leftover from Halloween. AP's favorite part was manning the glue gun all by herself!

Of course, we added hair and a bow to girly it up :) It was AP's idea to make fabric hair, then we just clipped one of her bows on. Perfect!

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