Monday, December 19, 2011

Live Nativity and The Great Christmas Givaway!

For the last few years, we have really enjoyed going to see the live nativity performance at our friends' church. This year we got to take Daddy B and Grandma with us. It is so neat. You take a hayride through the nativity story that is being acted out. You can see there were real camels!

See the sign above the inn door- "No Room"!

The Sunday that Daddy and Grandma were here was also the kids Christmas musical at our church, The Great Christmas Giveaway. AP actually had a little speaking part and did wonderful!! We discovered during this process that our outspoken girl does not like all eyes on her, even though she would lead you to believe that she does! But, she faced her fears and spoke her line like a champ! C did a great job, too. In his past performances, he has gotten so caught up in the music, that he pretty much turns around and watches everyone behind him sing and all you see is the back of his head. But, this time he stayed right on track! He faced forward and sang his heart out! He was in the back, though, so I didn't really get any great pictures :(
The basic message of the program was that giving is better than receiving, hence the title :) The kiddos are still singing the songs non-stop. Although, this afternoon in the car, I heard AP singing at the top of her lungs, "It's better to receive than give!"

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