Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving and the first signs of Christmas!

There were/are so many things too be thankful for this Thanksgiving, definitely too many to put into words, so apparently I avoided that post altogether! We had Thanksgiving appetizers turned meal at my aunt and uncle's house as is our tradition. There were grand plans for an all night card tournament leading to shopping in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday. However, that didn't happen. After we all ate, everyone was too tired to do anything! My kiddos fell asleep and Hubs and I scoped out some Black Friday deals. We ended up joining in the shopping madness at midnight, but we were done by 12:30!

We finally got all of our Christmas decorations up last week. The decorating went a little slower this year as Hubs broke his shoulder (proximal humeral fracture to be exact) in our church's annual flag football game.

Friday night the kiddos and I took Hubs out to a surprise birthday dinner. His birthday is actually next Friday, but the kiddos have rehearsal for our church Christmas musical that night so we decided to celebrate early. We went to a steak house that he had been wanting to try. The food was good, the ambiance not so much. There are geese and ducks that camp out by the entrance in hopes that you have scraps to give them.They walk right up to you and one nipped at C's finger! The kiddos ran and jumped up on this bench. You can see the goose that chased them up there at their feet!

Last night we had our church small group Christmas party at our house. It was a lot of fun! We had a great dinner, including a huge yummy turkey and brisket brought by good friends. We had a couples gingerbread making contest, Dirty Santa exchange, a hot chocolate bar, and a Just Dance Dance Off! I need a nap today just thinking about it! I was behind the camera, so there are no pics of Hubs and I, but here are a few of the gingerbread house making!

Let the Christmas Season begin!

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