Thursday, September 27, 2012

Even More Awesome Up Close

Random this and that for the week:

Yesterday was National See You At The Pole Day.  This is a morning set aside for parents, children, and staff to meet at the flag pole and pray before school.  Our school day starts at the crack of dawn, so getting everybody up and there 30 minutes earlier was difficult, but we managed!  And it was great to see so many parents there and so many of the teachers were able to take part as well.


Tuesday, AP and I had a front row seat in C's karate class.  
I snapped this pic while they were doing grapevines as a part of their warm up.

I took this pic of AP just after she asked me the following question.  
"What if when I grow up, every boy in TN wants to marry me?"  
We really need to work on her self esteem :)

Last night, the kiddos and I had to do a little shopping for several birthday parties that they've been invited to this weekend.  We passed by this new store coming soon to our outdoor mall.  
C asked that I take this pic :)  
But, he is quite charming!

And, last but not least, C completed his first project for the 3rd grade!  
His poster is all about the Wetlands.  
We researched, printed out facts and pictures, and C drew the Wetlands.  
Our finishing touches were glitter glue and adding actual moss to the wetlands drawing and pictures.  
C was so very proud of his work.  
He said, "I can't wait til my class sees it in person, it is even more awesome up close!"
And, not that it matters, but he got a 107!!  Hard work pays off little man!

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