Monday, September 24, 2012

It's Great. To Be. A Tennessee Vol!

I said It's Great. To Be. A Tennessee Vol!
The kiddos learned that cheer this weekend and have been chanting it repeatedly ever since!  So much so, that they both told me this morning that they couldn't fall asleep last night because they couldn't get that out of their heads!

We took the kids to their first UT game of the season on Saturday.  We got on the road to Knoxville right after AP's softball game (which I don't have any pictures of because I am a coach in the field this season, but she's doing a great job!)

The game was a late night game so we knew we would be spending the night in Knoxville, rather than driving home through the night.

After we got checked into our hotel, we made a stop at the Diamond lounge for snacks (one of the perks of daddy traveling for work!).


Then we were off on our hike to the game!  Our hotel is actually really close to the game.  But little legs still get tired :)

The sun was setting as we were climbing the ramps at Neyland.

 Our little Vol Fans :)

This little fan wiggled, snacked, and danced her way through the entire game.  Luckily, our seats are on the end of a row :)
And speaking of snacks, C had nachos for dinner.  The kind where the cheese-like sauce comes out of a huge pump dispenser.  And he was soo over the top happy about it!  He said, "now THIS is what I call dinner!" A made a mental note to not put much, if any, effort into my future meal planning.


My two favorite boys happy about a win:)

Yesterday we said Good Morning to Knoxville and then headed on our merry way.

After we waited a really long time for the valet to bring our car back.  We thought he lost our keys for a while.  Who knows, maybe he was taking the Acadia for a joy ride :) 

We are already looking forward to our next trip to Knoxville this season.  Daddy showed us some of the places he used to go and where he lived.  The kiddos loved seeing that. They began discussing their own future college plans.  AP was telling me who she was going to live with in college and that they would probably be cheerleaders.  
I think I may have had a small heart attack.

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The Writer Chic said...

You totally have to get one of the orange chevron HL frames for the pic of AP and C in the stands. Perfection!