Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Niece Pic and a Tag

Here's the latest pic of my new niece. She turned 1 month on Dec 14th. Such a cutie!

Ok, so I was tagged a while back by Shea. This is a first for me, but I am usually one to play along. I am supposed to list 8 interesting facts about myself. Hmmmmm........

1. My eyes are actually 2 different shades of blue, but it makes them look like one is blue and one is green.

2. I still live within 20 minutes of the hospital that I was born in.

3. Both hubs and I grew up here, but our parents (some of them) have moved away. It's usually the other way around and the parents stay put while the kids move away.

4. I have 17 years of Church of Christ education (kindergarten through Bachelors degree), but was raised and still attend a Baptist church.

5. I usually try to avoid conflict (and I actually had a different number 5, but changed it b/c I didn't want to start a religious debate, hence my propensity to avoid conflict)

6. I don't claim to be a Republican or Democrat, and I don't usually discuss religion and politics :)

7. I have a tattoo.

8. I have had the chicken pox twice.

I tag: Lori, Denise, Jackie, and Gen

That wasn't too bad. The real kicker is that you are supposed to list 100 facts about yourself when you hit your 100th post, at least that's the way it goes in blogger world. This is my 90th post (I think).


Gen & John said...

Okay, the video of AP made my day, I loved it!! I was getting crabby at not having time to do Christmas stuff and it reminded me it was all worth it. You might not want to send that in your update though:)
I did my end of the tag thing but I got confused until I read your blog again and posted the wrong thing. I'll have to fix it later if I ever get time. Too many people coming for Christmas, I think last count was 26 and I can't see the top of our dinette table...
by the way, your niece is amazing:)

Tapsalteerie said...

Too funny Lori :) I did one of those 100 things post ages ago... it's funny to reread it now :)

Permission to Mother said...

The photo is adorable!