Friday, December 21, 2007

Not As Easy As It Looks

We attempted our first gingerbread house tonight (thanks to A in Boston). It is a lot more tedious than you would think! I am not a very good icing artist.

I think we had our icing a little too runny. AP ate more gumdrops than she put on the house :) She even put a few on that had actually been in her mouth, so those have a nice shiny sheen to them. C, in true C fashion, spent the whole time trying to get one window perfect. It was a fun family project, but I have definitely seen more well crafted ones!


Shane & Marie said...

I think the house turned out great! And it looks like the kids had fun doing it.

Nate and Amanda said...

I think we had the same kit and your house looks much better! It was fun and before we embarked upon it I thought I had decorative frosting down pretty well.