Tuesday, December 4, 2007

O Christmas Tree

We finally got our tree up. It had been partially up, we sort of did it in phases. The kiddos had lots of fun putting up the ornaments. AP took them out of the box then threw them at the tree, she hasn't quite gotten the concept of carefully placing them on the tree.

C is a great ornament hanger. He contemplates the placement and everything.

He was a little obsessed with the star this year. He repeatedly asked if it was time for the star.We took a cookie break, that has become somewhat of a tradition.

Then we decorated the little Charlie Brown tree that goes in the kitchen and bears all of the unique ornaments that don't match my themed tree. I know eventually I'll have to give up the color coordinated tree for one with homemade ornaments and strung popcorn, but that day hasn't come yet!


Tapsalteerie said...

We do a "formal" tree in our foyer and a "family" tree in our kitchen. Beckett and Xander have been all about decorating!

Jackie said...

Your tree is beautiful. I sure hope I can find time to put up my tree...Little Squirt is keeping me hopping ;)