Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saturday with Santa...and One Year Ago

Yesterday was all about Santa at our house. We got up early and headed to church with some friends for breakfast with Santa. We had a talk in the car on the way there about the meaning of Christmas and Jesus' birthday. I knew C would be inundated with Santa stuff all day and I wanted to remind him what we are really celebrating. The breakfast was pretty good, but we didn't really eat with Santa. After breakfast the kiddos got to play little games and go into a child size shopping area and pick out secret presents for whomever they wanted to shop for. C came out of the little door with a wrapped present for me. Then he went in again and shopped for daddy. It was really cute. Santa was set up by the games. C went right up to him and said "I know you can't make Aquadots anymore because they make people sick, so I'll take..." He finally gets it. AP had a "deer in the headlights" look the whole time she was sitting in his lap. She wouldn't look him in the face and was definitely not going to say anything. I don't blame her. It's kind of weird anyway, in my opinion.

Afterwards, we headed home and both kiddos pretended to take naps, neither one actually went to sleep. Then we went to our little community Christmas parade, complete with the Shriners and Santa on a motorcycle! We are slacking and still have not put up our decorations at home. I was hoping to do it today, but it's not looking good.
One year ago today, our little AP became legally our child and we did not even know it! We didn't find out until 2 weeks later that we had had a court date on the other side of the world and that it was a success! What a difference a year makes.


Denise :o) said...

Happy belated anniversary!!!

Daddy Bob said...

Looks like AP was a little unsure of Santa?