Monday, August 3, 2009

First Day of K!

Today was the BIG day! In reality, it was a BIG thirty minutes rather than a day, but exciting nonetheless. I snapped a pic of C praying at breakfast. A great way to start the day- breakfast of champions and a chat with Big Guy :)

Then we took random pictures outside before we all four loaded up to drive about a hundred yards. Seriously, you can see the school from our front door. We haven't figured out a good way to walk there, though, because you would either have to cut through a few yards (that belong to people we don't know and one has a reputation of really not liking kids walking in their yard) or walk on the street that has no shoulder and is really busy. So for now we will continue to drive the hundred yards.

Then C struck a little pose right outside the school.

We found his classroom and met his teacher who was super nice. I think that she and I will get along really well. C was given instructions on how to get his little school box in order while Hubs and I filled out some paperwork.

Then it was over, just as quick as it started! C doesn't go back again this week until Thursday. We spent some time this afternoon reading through his binder and talking about the classroom rules. I am only allowed to walk him to his classroom one more time and then he has to do it by himself. Honestly, I cannot imagine him making it all the way there without getting lost, but I guess all parents feel that way?


Lori said...

I always hate the part about not being able to walk the kids to class. Frankly, I believe that I pay taxes and therefore, try to stop me from walking a public building. As a teacher, I also understand that some kids *need* moms and dads to hold back so they can gain independence, but some kids who *are* independent just like their moms and dads to walk with them and I don't see any fault with that! Then again...I've never been one of those teachers who preferred parents to stay out of the way.

He won't get lost, though! They'll totally be on the lookout for all of them! Congrats to the big school-boy!

Shannon said...

Yay, for C! Hard to believe!!

BTW- what is AP wearing? Did you make that shirt into a dress???

The O'Neils said...

FYI...Triston's second day at HB he walked in alone and crying. He got over it real quick though!!! Maybe that is not a good story to tell you but C will do great!! And if he needs any help he can find Tris!!

The Writer Chic said...

I was thinking about you guys yesterday! Congrats, C. (And congrats, mommy, on getting through it!)

Deanna Williams said...

I am so proud of Charlie. Little angels grow up too soon. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. And 'good morning' prayers are the best way to start the day!

Maria said...

I remember these days as if it were yesterday. Tell "C" he looks like such a big fellow!!

Allison said...

So sweet. Our boys are getting so big. Love the new haircut too!