Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happily on the other side...

...of Monday, that is! I'm not at all complaining about my new role, I'm just saying does everything have to be on the same day? Because it was yesterday! We started out bright and early in the drop-off line. C has to be there by 7:05, does that seem ridiculously early to anyone else?? We resolved all child-lock-mom-holding-up-the-line issues. After drop-off AP and I went in the school for a kindergarten parents meeting with the principal. They called it a "Boo Hoo Breakfast". Ha!

Right after that meeting, AP and I hurried off to her first swim lesson of the new semester. She has a new teacher and she did great! After swimming, I squeezed in some value shopping at CVS and Publix. A friend told me to blog about my favorite deals, so here are the best deals that I have gotten in the last week or so. Both were at Publix:
Beneful Dog Food 5.49 a bag, on sale for BOGOF
-I had one 2.50 off coupon from the paper and one 3.00 off coupon from the internet
-making both bags FREE
Huggies wipes
-on sale for 1.99 BOGOF
-I had 2 50 cent off coupons that were both doubled
-making both packs of wipes FREE
Anyway, after shopping we raced back to pick C up by 11:30, then it was home to eat a quick bite and be back to AP's speech appt at 12:30. Here is the little pumpkin walking with her BIG backpack into the BIG school :)
She is really starting to like her teacher and has fun with the take home assignments. I think it is going to continue to go really well. C and I entertained ourselves by watching a movie in the car while AP was at speech.
After speech we went back home for rest time that was cut short because we had to make it to C's baseball practice! (See what I mean about everything being on the same day) Thankfully, Boompa and Baba offered to meet me at C's practice to watch the kiddos so I could leave and go BACK to C's school for parent night with C's teacher...whew.
Today was much more laid back. This is C's last off day before he starts going all day every day. We are all ready for a more regular schedule.

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