Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peanuts for the Peanut

AP LOVES eating peanuts. She is obsessed with them. I think a lot of it has to do with the thrill of breaking them open and finding the little nut inside. She is also a little bit of a rule breaker and I think she likes that she can just throw the shells on the ground, kind of like she is getting away with something. She really likes going to restaurants where she can throw the shells on the floor.

Uncle gave her a bag of nuts earlier today and she knew that she could have them after her nap. She woke up and immediately asked where her peanuts were!

This is the face she made when daddy asked for a peanut! The girl does not like to share her peanuts :)

Also, I ran across a blogging momma's site today. She is having a giveaway for three books from Tapestry. This is a site that sells some great books about adoption and stories for kiddos to read that involve adoption. So all you adoptive mommas head on over to www.adoptivemomma.blogspot.com for a chance to win!


Mandy Jo said...

Hey:) I used to LOVE peanuts and one day when i was 5 developed a very very bad allergy to them! Wierd huh? I can't even touch them! I seen your other blog are you still making T's?

Lori said...

I love the part about her being a little bit of a rule breaker! I once had someone tell me I was "creatively insubordinate," which I have to admit, I took as a compliment! That sass will serve her well as an adult!!!