Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Move What Your Momma Gave You

Friday after Thanksgiving I braved the sleepy shopping crowds at 5am. I was most motivated by the $3 pj's at Wal-Mart :) I was able to finish up about half of our shopping that morning, but I get up mainly for the experience. There is a crazy rush of shopping excitement and some intense shoppers out there!

The kiddos, of course, slept through it all. Later in the day we took them to the little mall near Hubs' parents house to see the jolly old guy himself. C froze and said "I don't know" when Santa asked what he wanted! AP, on the other hand, rattled off a long list. I thought it was funny when she was telling Santa that she wanted a baby that poopoos, Santa replied "oh you mean Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo". Santa has been doing his research!! Here are the kiddos with their antlers from Santa.

Later that night we unloaded all of the presents that we brought with us to give to our family there. We had planned on leaving them to open on Christmas. But, on a whim, we decided to just go ahead and have Christmas right then so we could all be together while everyone was opening gifts!

AP got a Bear that reads Twas The Night Before Christmas. I was surprised by how much she loved it. She has carried it with her every day since then. We only let her push the button to read the story a few times a day, though :) I think we could all recite it from memory now.

The hit of the night was Rocky the Talking Robot Dump Truck that C got. He had actually told us that he wanted it and we did not relay the information to the grandparents. They must know him well!

This gift is hilarious. I recommend it if you have a 3-6 age boy to buy for. He dances, dumps, rolls, and much more. My favorite line that he says is "move what your momma gave you". C loves it when he "cleans out his tailpipe" and it sounds like a familiar boy bodily function :)

Sadly, the next morning it was time to pack up to head back home. Our visit went by very quickly! I snapped a quick pic of all the sleepy family members that got up to bid us farewell.

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Maria said...

And here I was expecting a VIDEO of someone actually moving what their mama gave them!! :-) Josh would have LOVED this toy too. Great Santa, BTW -- he's up on his stuff, huh?