Thursday, March 25, 2010

student of the day

Today AP was a "Student of the Day" at her MDO program. She was so excited to see her very own poster hanging in the hallway. Our MDO director is the sweetest lady ever and she works individually with each kiddo to make their poster. So, if you don't have super duper eyesight, this is what AP had to say about herself:
*She does not like pickle juice (and she has never had it by the way, not sure where she came up with that answer)
*Her favorite food is noodles
*Her favorite color is yellow
*When she grows up she wants to be "Mama"
*Her current stats: 39.5 inches tall, 31 pounds


Betsy said...

This is SO cute! I love it!

Collicita said...

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Shannon said...

cute!! Greer saw it and said "awe Aywin, i like her picture", I like how she says APs name:)