Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We're Just Better

I am revealing my old age by telling all of the internets that I graduated from high school in 1995. Yes, FIFTEEN years ago. I feel so old as I type that. Oh well. Anyway, last Saturday my high school unveiled their new softball locker room. What we would have given to have a locker room back then! The alumni were invited to come back and see the new facility and play a game against the current team. Um, no thanks, to the playing the current team part. They look SO much better then I felt like we were! I think it would have been a danger to my health to get out on that field. But, I loved going back there and seeing how far they've come. I really enjoyed being with most of my teammates again, too. There were 6 of us from my class that were on the team and 5 of us were there on Saturday! Yep, sporting our pullovers from our junior year :)
Want to see what we looked like together in 1995?
My how times have changed. And for the title of this post, our class t-shirt in 95 said "The Class of 95, we're just better than you" We needed to work on our humility :)


Adoptive Momma said...

I graduated in 1995 and your post made me feel old too :) My junior college has an alumni game every year and I am like you, I do not get out on that field and embarrass myself. I cannot imagine having a locker room in high school at the softball field, that would have been big time! We chose to change in our cars in the parking lot instead. Nice.

Betsy said...

I laughed that you said "internets". I say that all the time!! :)

I graduated in 1999 but still find myself thinking that high school was not that long ago. Boy, am I wrong!

Shannon said...

I forgot about "we are just better than you"...I still think we were
I just can't wrap my mind around 15years.

janiece said...

Now you made me feel really old--I graduated in 1988! Isn't amazing how things change sometimes? A softball locker room! Nice.
Ok--repeat after me--"I am like a fine wine, just getting better with age".