Saturday, May 14, 2011

Craftin' and Cleanin' on a Rainy Saturday

Our baseball game was rained out today, so we found ourselves with time to tackle a few things on our to do lists.
I spent a good 4 hours deep cleaning in C's room. It was actually more toy purging than anything else.
We finally got his game ball display case hung. This is every game ball since his first season.

Now he could actually get to his bookshelf and read one if he felt so inclined ;)

C saw this little wall hanging when we were at HobLob the other day. He said he really liked it and wanted to hang it on his door :) I couldn't resist.

By the end of the day this was our Goodwill pile. We also had 2 piles of stuff to pass on to two friends and 3 big trash bags full of trash!
I also found time to embroider a few gifts. I made these burp cloths for a sweet teacher that works with me.
And these towel sets are for twin daughters of a coworker who are graduating from high school this week and heading to UT. Go Vols! :)

Now if I could just mark end-of-the-year teacher gifts off my list I would feel like I was almost caught up!

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RoadDog said...

I notice there is nothing from the Chicago Bears, White Sox, Black Hawks. What gives?