Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's official!

Friday morning may have been first morning of this school year that AP got up willingly and was dressed before I could blink. That was because she was going to sign up for kindergarten!

She is now officially registered and we have begun praying now for her teacher to have an extra dose of patience :)

The rest of our weekend was spent mostly at the ballpark and it was perfect weather for it!
These 2 couldn't be any cuter.

Neither could this little ballplayer :)

And he showed up to play ball!!!! He has been hitting the ball really well for the last week. Friday night he got the gameball!

He was one proud and tired baller!

1 comment:

Deanna Williams said...

There is nothing as cute as the 'all grown up' Hatch kids.

Nanna misses you both.