Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted

The geraniums that I planted on Mothers Day weekend have started to bloom! They serve as a great welcoming committee as you walk up our front steps :)
Again, if you knew my track record with plants and keeping them alive, you would know that this is no small feat!

Our magnolia trees have started blooming, too.

I was distracted from my flowers by this striking early morning sky.

Our petunias are thriving in their new home.

As are the begonias. Quite miraculous.

So far the only gardening casualty has been my rose bush. I got this beautiful bright pink knock-out rose bush for Mothers Day last year. This year it was bigger and better. There were pretty pink roses all over it. Then one day my wonderful kiddos thought that they would surprise me by pulling each rose from the bush petal by petal and spreading the petals all over the deck. They really thought I would love it. I did not, but their intentions were good, and it was just a bush. Poor flowerless rose bush!
The weather here today was absolutely gorgeous! We did a lot of this.
and fired up this.
I recently freshened up the deck seating with some fun and crazy fabrics.

It was a great night for dinner on the deck.
After dinner we had an impromptu dance party. We were listening to a late 80's satellite radio station. C said "Take a picture of me getting funky!"Love those summer nights!


Trisha and Jim said...

How fun!

Shannon said...

Flowers are PRETTY and love the table!!

RoadDog said...

Having all those flowers must be a "Hatch" thing.

My yard is full of irises, creeping phlox, wild phlox, daisies, ajugas right now, all in bloom.

And, there are hundreds of each.

Every Bloomin' Thing, you know.

Brian said...

lovely photos. I love flowers and what a smile on that kids face.