Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

It has been a great Mother's Day Weekend! The only thing that would have made it a little better would be my own mom not being 2 states away!

AP and I decided to go get mother/daughter pedicures Saturday after C's game (which was an awesome game by the way, but I didn't have my camera!). The ladies working in the nail salon could not understand why I was allowing AP to get a pedicure. They insisted several times that I wanted her to have "polish only". But, we had a gift card and both wanted the full treatment. One lady working there told me that AP was too young. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were discussing us in another language, but that's ok ;) AP finally got to get up in the big seat next to me, soak her little feet, and pamper her toes! I wish I had had my camera. I did snap a pic of the cute pink piggies when we got home.

That afternoon AP and I got all dressed up and went to a Mother/Daughter tea party at church.We sat with baby E, which AP loved! But it obviously wasn't entertaining enough because after we had refreshments AP fell asleep in my lap and stayed that way for the rest of the party!

After the tea party and AP's power nap we went to a friend's house for a cookout and campfire. The weather ended up being perfect after having a few rain showers earlier in the day.C was taking marshmallow roasting lessons from his friend :)

Then this morning I woke up to these two blessings who made me a momma!
I also got the scarlet begonias that I wanted on the back deck.

Happy Mother's Day!

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