Friday, May 6, 2011

Distraction, Not So Green Thumbs, Soft Diet, and Plenty of Rest

Today AP had a dental procedure scheduled for 12pm in which she would be under general anesthesia. 12pm is really late in the day for a five year old that is not supposed to eat or drink all day! We had to employ distraction tactics to keep her from thinking about being hungry or thirsty. Like swimming in mommy and daddy's jacuzzi tub!

She was singing "How Great is our God" when I snapped these pictures. Specifically, she was singing the line "He wraps himself in light", but she was saying "He wraps himself in lice!"

After playing outside for a little while, it was finally time to head to the surgery center.She did great during her procedure. She was a very brave girl! Everyone commented on either how pretty she was or how cooperative (it must have been the sedatives ;)! She was very slow to wake up. She did wake up long enough to tell the nurses that she needed to go to WalMart to buy clothes for her baby! She then fell fast asleep until we got home. They told us that she would probably sleep off and on the rest of the day. She was also supposed to stay on a soft diet and rest for the rest of the day.

Well, after we got home she slept about 30 minutes and then was up and ready to go shopping. She kept saying "I feel great!" The only thing she wanted to eat was a cheeseburger! She never slowed down the rest of the afternoon.

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather (and the fact that Hubs and I were both off work) and spruce up the yard. I am so not talented when it comes to gardening! My grandmother always had beautiful flowers in her yard and my mom definitely has a green thumb. Me, not so much. But I enjoy trying!

I even know the names of everything we added today. We now have ferns and geraniums on the front steps. (I was told geraniums are hard to kill!)

Petunias are in the beds at the end of the driveway.And I plan on putting scarlet begonias in the rectangular ledge box thingies on the back deck. Even though i don't know much about flowers and their care, they do make me smile to look at them!

Something else that makes me smile is this little guy. He is such a good dog. If you overlook the incessant chewing on things that we are hoping is just a puppy teething phase.

He always stays right with the kids in the yard.

And every time C hit that ball, look who went to get it!

For a day that started out at a surgery center, we ended up having a great day!! Although we were really bad at following doctor's orders...

Does a Happy Meal count as a soft diet?
And does this count as getting plenty of rest?

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Shannon said...

so glad AP did well and I have got to hold that dog!!!