Sunday, October 16, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

Day 2 was spent at Hollywood Studios. The day started out really wet, but cleared up by lunchtime! Our first ride at this park was Toy Story Mania. That was also the longest line we waite4d in the entire trip. We had a fastpass to come back and do it later, but we decided the wait in line would be a nice break from the pouring rain. We had lunch at Hollywood & Vine, which was a lunch buffet with the Playhouse Disney characters. C's favorite part of Hollywood Studios were the stunt shows. We saw Indiana Jones and his favorite was the extreme car stunt show. It was really neat and Lightening McQueen himself made an appearance in that one. AP says she liked the Playhouse Disney Jr show the best. I, personally, liked the voyage of the Little Mermaid. As far as roller coasters, my favorite was the Aerosmith Rocking Roller Coaster (and not just because Steven Tyler has a little video clip at the beginning :) . C rode the Tower of Terror with us! He was scared, but says he liked it :)

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RoadDog said...

Bet someone really liked the "Cars" folk.