Friday, October 28, 2011

Hakuna Mutata

I've made it to the last day of recap! Day 4 started with breakfast at Chef Mickeys. We loved seeing all the traditional characters there. By this point, the kids had figured out that it was cool to get their autographs! After breakfast, we rode the monorail to the exchange terminal and caught the bus to The Animal Kingdom. We spent all all day at Animal Kingdom. Our first stop was the bird show, which we had been told was really neat. And it was neat, but our local zoo has a show very similar so we would probably skip that next time. We then when to the Bug's Life show, which was my favorite thing at that park. I love all the 3D effects and little surprises! We also caught the Lion King show, I really thought AP would love that one, especially when the monkeys started doing gymnastics, but she fell asleep! As far as roller coasters, we really liked the Everest ride (C did that one twice!) and the Dinosaur ride. We also enjoyed seeing some unique animals up close on the safari. We finished our Animal Kingdom day with their parade. All of the Disney parades are very entertaining! We ended our last day at Mickeys-Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, but that's a separate post of its own :)

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